List of Features:

1. Buy/Sell prices - shows the latest buy or sell transactions displayed in sequential time format. Details include:

  • Who is the sophisticated investor
  • What is the transaction (bought or sold)
  • Which is the public company
  • When was the public filing released
  • Why did you set price alert
  • How much was the transacted price

 2. Follow - users can follow any of the following to receive notifications of their transactions:

  • Sophisticated investor (over 170,000)
  • Public company (over 10,000)
  • Friends (portfolio changes)

 3. Chat - users can send friend requests and chat with each other:

  • Messages are centred around a public company
  • Ability to share bullish or bearish sentiments

 4. Spikes - digital diary of users' trading journals

 5. Notifications - real-time notifications of sophisticated investors, public companies, and friends' portfolios that users follow

 6. Portfolio Management - users can share their portfolios with friends


Benefits include:

  • Use this verified information to make smarter decisions about your investments.
  • Receive notifications on specified sophisticated investors or stocks.
  • Focus on the facts, without the gossip and speculation that usually cloud investment decisions.
  • Use the chat function to bounce your decisions off the vast network of other investors who are trading through Spiking.


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