What kind of information do you use to determine Spikes?

We have partnered with some of the leading market data providers in the industry and we're proud to give Spiking users access to data of a similar quality an institutional terminal may have.

Equity Fundamental information:

  • Company Information: Company Name, CIK, business description, sector classification, industry classification and more...
  • Daily key values: Daily calculations for common key values such as price to earnings (P/E) ratio, market capitalization, price per sales, and more..
  • Earnings and Dividends: Earnings Per Share (EPS), current dividend yield, current payout, dividends per share, interest coverage and more...
  • Ratios and Sales data: Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) fiscal data including revenue, profit margin,, book value per share, revenue per share, revenue per employee, EBIT, EBITDA, return on equity, debt to common ratio, and more...
  • Stock price data: Price momentum, price changes and volume for multiple time periods
  • Financial statements: Balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements

Historical Stock Prices:

  • Security: Name, CIK, Symbol, ISIN, valoren, market, industry
  • Closing price data: Close, previous close, change, percent change, open, high, low, currency, market date and time
  • Corporate action data: Split ratio, cumulative cash dividend

If you are a data provider and are interested in having Spikes on your data set, please reach out to us at info@spiking.com. 

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