new.png 26 Oct 2022

  • New Spiking Launch! We’re extremely pleased to announce the new updated Spiking Events page at You can now see what are the latest and ongoing events that Spiking is having event add them to your calendar! Do note that you will first have to log into your Spiking account in order to add the event to your calendar. 


new.png 14 Oct 2022

  • New Spiking Launch! We are extremely excited to announce we have a new product called Race to 100. You can track the best investors who have made more than 100% profit in a year and replicate their portfolios in just a few clicks. Be the first to learn these top investors' new trades and trade alongside the shoulders of the giants. Try Race to hundred now at


new.png 7 Oct 2022

  • New Spiking Launch! We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of the revamped Spiking reviews page at! We have featured more testimonials written by our very own students and also winning trades to showcase the best results from our students!


new.png 30 Sep 2022

  • New Spiking Launch! We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of new for a fresh new look to accompany our updated Learn, Trade, and Share! More features coming up in the next few weeks, please continue to look out for our email newsletter!


new.png 23 Sep 2022

  • NEW! Added a contact us button on so you can easily contact us through various platform like whatsapp, instagram, wechat and facebook as well! 


new.png9 Sep 2022

  • NEW! Spiking Copy Trade. Spiking Copy Trade is now available for you to use in both desktop and mobile phones app. You can start copy trading the various insiders inside the software and have a feel of how copy trading works! If you do not have a spiking account, you can visit:


new.png26 Aug 2022

  • NEW! Belief. Spiking newly launched subscription product where we will whatsapp you the trades personally done by Dr Clemen Chiang right after he have exectued it. Allowing you to copy the trades he place in an instant. For more information on subscription details please visit:


  • NEW! Stocks tutorial video. Added tutorial video on each steps in stocks so user can refer back and recap on the various steps.


  • NEW! All Filters Tab. Increased the amout of range in daily trades 


  • NEW! Investor Tab. Improved share holders table in company page


  • NEW! Cryptos AI. Users can now start accessing the Cryptos AI in Spiking Software at the side bar menu. 


new.png6 May 2022

    • NEW! Feature Description. Users can now view descriptions about the selected feature on all the tabs like Daily Bread, Resurrection, Triangulation, GOAT, Buyback, Trillion and Open Interest, etc. 


  • NEW! Video Guide: Users can now view a video guide on Daily Bread, Resurrection, Triangulation, and GOAT and learn to use these products.


new.png25 April 2022

  • NEW! Updated book courses page. The book courses page has been updated and users will be able to view the past recording and course in a single view.


  • NEW! Updated Course page design. The course page is updated with a new view and course progress bar.


new.png4 April 2022

  • NEW! Update Spiking mobile App. Added the Options Dashboard so you can now access the Options Trading AI using your mobile phone. 


  • NEW! Preview of the dashboard. Users are now able to view the locked preview of the options dashboard. that the user has not brought.


  • NEW! Automated carousel for the featured course. On the courses page, the featured courses are moving from left to right so that users don’t need to click on the arrows to view all the courses.


new.png25 March 2022

  • NEW! Added Designation on C-Suite, the designation has been added for every insider.


  • NEW! Updated membership tab on the Profile page.


new.png18 March 2022

  • NEW! Introducing all-new Options dashboard, with new features like Open Interests, Block Quantity, Block Quality, IV change and Qty % avg volume.


  • NEW! Added all the setting options like Account, Billing, and Referral in the User's Profile screen.


  • NEW! Added a new buyback submenu in the Stock AI menu.


  • BUG FIXES! Removed the past courses from the Live course tab and added them to My courses.

new.png11 March 2022

  • NEW! Added a youtube play button beside the company's name so you can watch how Dr. Clemen analyze and did his trade.


  • NEW! Updated the GOAT page inside the software


  • BUG FIXES! Update the “Upgrade” button to the “Upgrade Super Premium” button.
  • BUG FIXES! Remove Courses on the pricing page.

new.png25 Feb 2022

  • NEW! Updated the banner image at


  • NEW! Updated the pricing page for memberships which now includes Cryptos and Options Trading AI that is available for pre-order. We have changed our memberships to Stocks Trading AI, Cryptos Trading AI, and Options Trading AI.


  • BUG FIXES! Insider selection screens are updated with real images instead of cartoon images.
  • BUG FIXES! Feefo Badge on the login page is updated from 2021 to 2022.
  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the alignment issue with the settings page.

new.png18 Feb 2022

  • NEW! Updated the reviews page at


  • NEW! Added our partners and spiking supporter section on Our story page.


  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the scroller issue on the one-on-one personal coaching page.

new.png11 Feb 2022

  • NEW! Footer on the Blog page is updated with the same footer which is present on


  • NEW! Updated the review page


  • NEW! Added a new CNBC tab under the investors 


  • NEW! Updated the Community tab to show you how to join the Spiking Wealth Community


  • BUG FIXES! Extra scroller removed from the membership page.

new.png31 Jan 2022

  • NEW! Filters on Daily Bread, Resurrection and Triangulation: Added more filter options like Market Capitalization, Last Done, Net Positive Purchase and Spiking Ratio.


  • NEW! Filters on Investors: Added more filter options for Top 100, Universe of funds, Sovereign funds, Pension and Retirement.


  • NEW! Updated Review page with the New Badges and Customer review page.


  • BUG FIXES! Added back the Feefo Feedback Review slider on
  • BUG FIXES! Updated Feefo badge on the website.
  • BUG FIXES! Updated the Banner and footer for blogs.


new.png24 Jan 2022

  • NEW! Update the UI design on the setting page


  • NEW! Updated the UI design on the profile page


  • BUG FIXES! Updated email icon on notification inside the Software and Phone app
  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the Facebook login issue for the android phone app.

new.png14 Jan 2022

  • NEW! Updated IOS and Andriod phone Spiking Application. Added new features Trillion under the trades tab, Jim Cramer, and C-Suite under Investors.


  • NEW! Updated the featured courses inside the book course page. Users can see what are the upcoming live courses in the featured section. 


  • NEW! Users can now view their emails and Notifications from the Spiking robot under the Notification center tab.


  • BUG FIXES! Added FAQ section on all the checkout pages.
  • BUG FIXES! Update the header from Sovereign wealth fund to c-suite for insider in C-suite.

new.png7 January 2022

  • NEW! Added trillion under trades tab so that users are able to view the top 100 companies with the largest market caps which have either crossed or are close to trillion dollars.


  • NEW! Added Jim Cramer under the Investor tab so that users are able to view the companies under Jim Cramer’s Charitable trust holdings.


  • BUG FIXES! Updated the pricing page with the Community button on the header.
  • BUG FIXES! Updated the banner content on

new.png31 December 2021

  • NEW! Added a new trading date page button so that users will be able to view all the important dates like holidays and spiking events on this page. 


  • NEW! Added a new payment method which is Grabpay. Users will now be able to use Grabpay as the payment method and make the payment in installments. Please note that Grabpay is only available in Singapore.


  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the spiking down button on all the submenu inside the Spikes menu that is used to navigate the user to the earning page.
  • BUG FIXES! Updated the title from “Online Course” to “E-Learning (Recording)” on the Book courses page.
  • BUG FIXES! Spelling correction on the tooltips.

new.png24 December 2021

  • NEW! Updated the design and content on Our Story page at


  • NEW! Added the Community button on so that users can now directly sign in to from


  • NEW! The Insider’s bundle that contains all 3 Insiders is now available for purchase


  • NEW! Added C-Suite under the Investor Tab so that users are now able to view the C-suite option and the top CEO’s investments.


  • BUGS FIXES! Fixed the IOS Checkout issue for Apple Users. Apple users now can be navigated to the checkout page on a popup window.

new.png17 December 2021

  • NEW! Updated UI for Daily Bread Page.


  • NEW! Updated UI for Resurrection Page.


  • NEW! Updated UI for Triangulation Page.


  • NEW! Cost Average Column. Users can now view the cost average column on all Funds pages.


  • NEW! Shortcut to Spiking Insider product Users can now view the Spiking Insider’s image on the company page and navigate to the Insider page from the image. 


  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the spacing issue on Coaching One on One page.
  • BUG FIXES! Added Tooltips which will appear when a user interacts with any element within the header of
  • BUG FIXES! Fixed phone number and pin code validation on Spiking Cryptos Trading Masterclass Checkout site.
  • BUG FIXES! Fixed the issue of disappearing news articles on Spiking Insiders Warren Buffett and Spiking Insiders Temasek Holdings.

new.png10 December 2021

  • NEW! Users are able to filter the Funds according to Top Activity and Role.
  • NEW! Referral Popup have been created which will allow users to directly share the referral link from the popup.



  • UPDATED! Content on One on One coaching page has been updated. Feefo reviews have been updated.


new.png03 December 2021

  • NEW! 2 new funds i.e Retirement fund and Pension fund are added to the platform.


  • NEW! Renew Membership button has been added under Profile on Left Menu. Users can now view their expiration date and renew their membership from the left menu just with a click of a button.


  • UPDATED! Left Menu's interface has been updated and has 4 main menu items i.e Dashboard, Trades, Investors and spikes. All the existing products and features are present in the submenu. Users can switch between Classic Spiking  and New Spiking as per their preference.


  • UPDATED! Sovereign wealth funds, Top 100 and Universe of funds all have a new UI, with 4 steps to analyse the funds.


  • BUG FIXES! Missing Average Cost on Cathie Wood’s Insider product is resolved both on website and email.
  • BUG FIXES! Duplicated news articles on alerts tab on Insider’s product has been resolved.


new.png26 November 2021

  • NEW! Book Courses: Users can now explore all the courses in WMS before logging into WMS and purchase or join their favourite courses here at


  • NEW! Spiking Daily Robot: Users can now purchase Spiking Daily Robot and get notified daily on the 3 Stocks to purchase at 6.30 PM Singapore Time. Get your Spiking Daily Robot here: 
  • P.S. If you are a Spiking Premium Member, you already have the Spiking Daily Robot🤖 as part of your Spiking Silver / Gold Membership.


  • NEW! Weight Ranking Charts: Users can now view the Weight Ranking charts in both Spiking Insiders - Warren Buffett and Spiking Insiders - Temasek Holdings and can analyse the change in weight of each stock.


  • NEW! Trends Charts: Users can now view the trends charts in both Spiking Insiders - Warren Buffett and Spiking Insiders - Temasek Holdings and can analyse the trends of the trades based on past 30 trading sessions.


  • Auto Email Merge: Users can now merge their multiple accounts with the same email address.

new.png19 November 2021

  • NEW! User can now filter the companies in Warren buffet and Temasek’s Fundamental tab.
  • NEW! Users can now view the news about the funds on Temasek and Warren Buffett Insiders products.
  • NEW! Users can now view the header where posts (from Spiking Wealth Community) are running at the top of Temasek and Warren Buffett Insiders products.
  • NEW! Users can now view the Number of investors who bought, sold, call and put on the Insiders tab of any company.
  • UPDATED! Users can view the number of investors who bought and sold in the last quarter in the Top 100 tab inside the Insiders tab of any company.
  • UPDATED! Total Buy and Total Sell into Cathie Wood Trade Notification Email.

new.png12 November 2021

  • UPDATED! Users subscribing to Spiking Insiders - Cathie Wood will get an Email with the daily updates regarding Cathie Wood’s trades and transactions. 
  • NEW! Users can now purchase Spiking Insiders - Warren Buffett and Spiking Insiders - Temasek at 

new.png05 November 2021

  • NEW! Users can now check Weight Ranking, Trends and Institutional Ownership Trends on Cathie Wood’s Insiders page.
  • NEW! User can now filter the companies in Cathie Wood’s Fundamental tab. 

new.png29 October 2021

  • UPDATED! Users can now view Spiking blog on
  • Users can now look out for weekly articles that will be posted on Spiking blog.  

new.png22 October 2021

new.png15 October 2021

  • NEW! Users can now join Insiders, a new Product that has been proudly launched by Spiking. 
  • Join the Insiders and get access to historical institutional ownership trends of each Insider, get up-to-date data and news in their respective portfolios, and expand viewing and sorting the companies by categories.
  • Additionally, you will be able to gauge the historical importance of company developments as we have linked 2 years’ worth of news to price movements. With deep-end charts, you'll view portfolios that are segmented by the categories.
  • Click here to join now:

new.png8 October 2021

new.png1 October 2021

  • NEW! Users are now able to visit Book Courses ( to view the courses that are available to purchase or enrol in. 
  • NEW! Spiking Premium Members enjoy several courses as part of the benefits for their respective Spiking Membership. Visit ( to enrol for these courses.
  • NEW! Spiking Premium Members are now able to book the upcoming Live courses ( with Dr. Clemen Chiang.

new.png24 September 2021

  • NEW! Users are now able to view the count of Shareholders and the last updated date on the company screen 
  • NEW! Users are now able to view the count of holdings and the last updated date on the Investor's screen.

new.png17 September 2021

  • NEW! Dynamic search results of Insiders on the Company’s pages.
  • NEW! Users are able to click on the flag to update the language.
  • Updated error message for Whatsapp number and Facebook on Account section.
  • Added an error message when invalid date is selected while creating a new trade.
  • UI fixes for “Edit” and “Add to my spikes” button.
  • Bug fixes on creating new trades, opening stories on home page and Insider’s filter.

new.png10 September 2021

  • NEW! Daily Bread, Resurrection and Triangulation tagging is now available on Individual Company Pages.

new.png3 September 2021

  • NEW! Starting from today, Spiking Members will get updates about Daily Bread, Resurrection and Triangulation on Members Area daily at 6:30pm GMT+8 Singapore Time. 
  • Charts in the technical section have been updated. Users can scroll the scrollbar on the chart to change the timeline of the chart.

new.png27 August 2021

  • Added "Investor" filter for Daily Bread, Resurrection & Triangulation.
  • Payment flow has been updated. Users can checkout without logging into Spiking Wealth Management System.

new.png20 August 2021

  • Language translation fixes were made.
  • The Date Filter for Spiking Up and Down was added.
  • Notifications fixes - Number of Notifications will be displayed on iOS app.
  • Bug fixes to improve overall performance of the Spiking App.

new.png5 August 2021

  • We welcome back our Trading Diary to Spiking! Spiking Members can use our Trading Diary to keep a note of all their trades. It consolidates all the statistics of all traded stocks. 

new.png30 July 2021

  • We have included a new referral system called "Refer 2 friends" on the header and also on the menu bar to allow you to navigate it easily.
  • We have added a "Community" tab in the menu bar at the top header for you to navigate easily.

new.png30 July 2021

  • New Feature: Day & Night Mode for Spiking Wealth Management System.
  • Notification functionality was added. 

new.png20 JULY 2021

new.png16 JULY 2021

  • Spiking Wealth Management System V1 has been deprecated and replaced with newly designed Spiking Wealth Management System V2.

new.png3 JUNE 2021

  • New Features: Added Universe Net Quarterly Call Put Metrics in cards.

new.png1 JUNE 2021

  • New Features: Added Call Put tooltip in cards.
  • Added new functionality of Call Put data on Daily bread, Triangulation and Resurrection.

new.png27 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Introduced new tabs Call Put in Company & Investor page.
  • Call ​​refers to how much of the share has been bought by the investor and the company.

new.png20 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Sell ​​refers to how much of the share has been sold by the investor and the company.
  • Added new table of a quarter for Call Put in company and investor page.

new.png12 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Added new tab Call Put under top 100 (Top 100 Net Q1 2021 Call Put).
  • The Future Events field has been removed from the slider in the Alerts page displayed in the same list.

new.png05 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Removed the list from future events displayed on the same page.
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