new.png10 September 2021

  • NEW! Daily Bread, Resurrection and Triangulation tagging is now available on Individual Company Pages.
  • FREE Live Webinar Dates Released (15 September & 22 September). Register here:
  • Monthly COSY Live Trading Dates Released (16-17 September). Register here:

new.png3 September 2021

  • NEW! Starting from today, Spiking Members will get updates about Daily Bread, Resurrection and Triangulation on Members Area daily at 6:30pm GMT+8 Singapore Time. 
  • Charts in the technical section have been updated. Users can scroll the scrollbar on the chart to change the timeline of the chart.

new.png27 August 2021

  • Added "Investor" filter for Daily Bread, Resurrection & Triangulation.
  • Payment flow has been updated. Users can checkout without logging into Spiking Wealth Management System.

new.png20 August 2021

  • Language translation fixes were made.
  • The Date Filter for Spiking Up and Down was added.
  • Notifications fixes - Number of Notifications will be displayed on iOS app.
  • Bug fixes to improve overall performance of the Spiking App.

new.png5 August 2021

  • We welcome back our Trading Diary to Spiking! Spiking Members can use our Trading Diary to keep a note of all their trades. It consolidates all the statistics of all traded stocks. 

new.png30 July 2021

  • We have included a new referral system called "Refer 2 friends" on the header and also on the menu bar to allow you to navigate it easily.
  • We have added a "Community" tab in the menu bar at the top header for you to navigate easily.

new.png30 July 2021

  • New Feature: Day & Night Mode for Spiking Wealth Management System.
  • Notification functionality was added. 

new.png20 JULY 2021

new.png16 JULY 2021

  • Spiking Wealth Management System V1 has been deprecated and replaced with newly designed Spiking Wealth Management System V2.

new.png3 JUNE 2021

  • New Features: Added Universe Net Quarterly Call Put Metrics in cards.

new.png1 JUNE 2021

  • New Features: Added Call Put tooltip in cards.
  • Added new functionality of Call Put data on Daily bread, Triangulation and Resurrection.

new.png27 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Introduced new tabs Call Put in Company & Investor page.
  • Call ​​refers to how much of the share has been bought by the investor and the company.

new.png20 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Sell ​​refers to how much of the share has been sold by the investor and the company.
  • Added new table of a quarter for Call Put in company and investor page.

new.png12 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Added new tab Call Put under top 100 (Top 100 Net Q1 2021 Call Put).
  • The Future Events field has been removed from the slider in the Alerts page displayed in the same list.

new.png05 MAY 2021

  • New Features: Removed the list from future events displayed on the same page.
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