Spiking Platinum Membership - Coaching

What is Platinum Coaching?

A one-year coaching program with Dr. Clemen and also to be part of the Spiking Inner Circle! 

As an Inner Circle Member, you will be invited to our Platinum Member Only Special Private Workplace where we can chat and discuss what we are doing. No one at any other levels will be invited to this private group.

Pending the Covid-19 situation, we will offer TWO BONUS in-person meet-ups planned at an exotic location. If we are unable to meet in person, we will offer TWO special two-day special intensive training just for Inner Circle Members. When you Go Platinum, it is our goal to have you as Inner Circle For Life!


What's Included?

  1. Become Part of Dr. Chiang's Inner Circle
  2. Trade Over My Shoulder Monthly Live Trading Zoom
  3. Meet Twice Per Year in Exotic Location (Pending Covid-19 situation) + (Flight and Hotel not included)
  4. Special Coaching Platinum Inner Circle Trading Chat
  5. Spiking Personal Weekly Group Coaching

In order to join Platinum Coaching, there will be an application process that you will have to follow through as Dr. Clemen will personally handpick his group of coaching students.

Please follow the below application process: 

Step 1: Please visit https://spiking.com/coaching to fill up an application form

Step 2: An invitation will be sent to you to attend a Special 1-hour meeting with Dr. Clemen Chiang to understand how the Coaching Program may benefit you. If you are unable to join in the Zoom session that was sent to you, let us know if you are still keen to find out more about the Coaching Program by emailing info@spiking.com 

Step 3: Waiting for Acceptance 

Dr. Clemen will review your application to see if you are a suitable candidate. After reviewing and Dr. Clemen feels that you are a suitable candidate, he will extend an invitation to you.

Step 4: Getting the Acceptance

After Dr. Clemen Chiang has reviewed your request to join the Spiking Inner Circle, please complete your subscription at this link: https://join.spiking.com/platinum-membership-coaching-program/

Step 5: Payment

If you make your payment by Monday, we will be able to invite you to Monday's Coaching Program.

Thereafter, we will also schedule for you a preliminary meeting with Dr. Chiang to plan the 1-year Coaching Program. 



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