In order to view and start or resume your course, you can follow the below steps: 


1. Log into and click on the sign-in button 


2. After Clicking on the Sign-in Button, it will redirect you to the below page.

NOTE: Please sign in with either Google, Apple, or Facebook. Ensure that the email you use is the same as the one you activated your account with.


3. After you have signed in, click on My Dashboard and you will able to see all the courses that you have been enrolled into. 


4. To start or continue on any courses that you want to, you can simply click on start course or resume course. There is also a percentage there to show you how much you have completed each individual course as well so that you are able to keep track of your own progression.  Screenshot_2021-07-12_at_2.54.17_PM.png

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