How to open Gemini Account (Singaporeans)

Step 1: Click here to land on the GEMINI page and click on get started



Step 2: Fill in the necessary information to continue to the next page.

If your location is not Singapore, please edit it to your own country of residence. 

Do indicate our promo code: sbMKfj when opening a GEMINI Acc 


Step 3: After clicking next, insert your phone number 


Step 4: After that, you will receive a 7 digit code to insert and click on next to continue.

Please ensure that you insert the correct 7 digit code else you will not be able to move on to the next page



Step 5: For Singaporeans, it will prompt to retrieve data from your Singpass. Click yes, continue to move on to the next step. 

For non-Singaporean please proceed to key in your details. 


Step 6: Log into your Singpass in order to retrieve data



Step 7: Click on I agree mceclip7.png

Step 8: Please click on confirm after ensuring that the data indicated are correct. And your account will be created. 


Step 9: Click on the add payment method to start trading 



step 10: Choose a payment method of your choice to start trading in Geminimceclip8.png


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  • Which payment method is best from Singapore? Credit card?



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