Spiking - Smart & Intelligent AI Robot That Performs!

It's the only trading system that doesn't just provide information, but actually trades live Spikes! With the click of a button, you can instantly connect dozens of different type of Spikes, including earnings, mergers & acquisitions, FDA decisions, stock buybacks, and more!

Spiking Scores Insiders & stocks have Spiking Scores up to Perfect 10!

Time Periods Actionable time periods leading to Spikes in prices!

Spike Strategy Best performing Spike Strategy with past winning results!

Blue Arrow Call to action with specific buy price and time period!

Connect The Spikes Visual time line of key events driving prices and more!

Daily Updates Find all the Spiking stocks in less than 1 minute!


Spikes - Connect The Spikes With Verified Buy/Sell Prices!

Imagine a timeline that doesn't just show events, but allows you to track which Spikes are causing the prices to move dramatically based on trading activities by insiders and corporate actions which triggered the news, and FINALLY see the TRUE Lifetime Value of each Spike!

Popular Spikes on Earnings, FDA, Strategy, Public Offering, CEO... with over 20 different Spike categories so you can focus your search efforts on stocks which are most likely to Spike!

Powerful Spikes Filter FINALLY arrange Spikes that are Spiking Up, Spiking Down, Future Spikes, and Past Spikes. It IS possible to have everything with our filter!

Smart Alerts based on latest Spikes actions with green and red notifications to show up/down prices to save even more time in finding stocks!

Calendar Updates upcoming future Spikes so you can plan ahead to take action even before the Spikes happen and more!


Insiders - Follow Billionaires, Millionaires & Whales Strategies!

Instead of whale watching on Wall Street that may or may not give you the specifics... Insiders — an EASY all-in-one algorithm that allows you to follow billionaires, millionaires, and whales to the specifics of price paid per share, overall performance, and time period!

Most importantly, you are able to mirror the time-tested strategies of these insiders in just MINUTES!

Real-time updates on these big stock players tracking over 180,000 insiders so you can have a pod of whales all with ONE goal... to make YOU money!

Stocks Trading Live - 2-Day Virtual Stock Trading Class By Clemen Chiang

Imagine learning how the TOP 100 Money manager in the world think and seeing how you can virtually trade stocks as if you were looking over their shoulder. That is exactly what will happen when you attend this 2-day virtual training taught by Dr. Chiang, creator of the Spiking Software.

This is an in-depth training where you will be able to interact, ask questions and walk away knowing everything you need to feel confident to create your trading success.

Options Trading - 2-Day Virtual Options Trading Class By Dr. Clemen Chiang

Attend a 2-Day Virtual Options Trading Class Taught by Dr. Clemen Chiang, Spiking’s Founder and CEO. You will learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Trading Options in the US Market.

Cryptos Trading - 2-Day Virtual Cryptos Trading Class By Dr. Clemen Chiang

Attend a 2-Day Virtual Cryptos Trading Class Taught by Dr. Clemen Chiang, Spiking’s Founder and CEO. You will learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Be A Successful Cryptocurrency Trader in the Super-Competitive Cryptocurrency Market.
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