How to refer a friend to join you in the next Stocks Trading Course and earn up to USD$330

For every friend that you refer, you can earn up to USD$330.*

Bring a friend, or maybe two! We believe you trade better when you are able to form your own cohort with your friends and family. We recommend forming groups of 3 or more. This is because you get to benefit from the support and synergy you create together.


Just follow these simple steps


Step 1: Send them the link to Sign Up

Simple Copy this link >><< to your friends and family


Step 2: Your friend registers for the upcoming Stocks Trading Course

Ensure they enter your email address into the referral field



Step 3: You Earn USD$30 

You and your friend successfully attends all 3 days of the Stocks Trading Course


Step 4. You Earn another USD$300

At the end of the Stocks Trading Course, if your friend upgrades to our Annual Silver Membership program, you earn an additional referral payout.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Your referred friend must enter your email address upon checkout.
2. Every successful referral to the Stocks Trading Class (USD$297) will entitle you to USD$30.
3. If your friends successfully upgrade to the annual Silver Membership (USD$2770), you will receive another USD$300
4. These referral terms are the ones in place now, specifically for the upcoming Stocks Trading Class Live held on the 30th of January to 1st February 2021.

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